Beautiful Creatures is a creative arts organisation, who specialise in the development of original physical and visual theatres. Alongside our professional outdoor touring work, we collaborate extensively within the community to provide new and transformative experiences for audiences, participants and young people.

What we do

Produce original performances

We love sculpting live performance and are drawn to physical and visual theatres, multi-disciplinary practices and work in unusual spaces. Our productions range in scale from intimate audio-visual experiences for one like The Dreambox, to large-scale participatory projects, like The Tipping Point. We have toured throughout the UK, and to Europe with our outdoor work, and created bespoke performances for specific places in our own community.

Develop outdoor arts in Berkshire

Outdoor arts bring people together, unite communities and help to make live performance accessible to those who may not have had the opportunity to see physical and visual theatre before. Through our partnerships with local organisations, we will continue to raise the profile and reach of outdoor arts and enable more people in Reading and Berkshire to benefit from contemporary performance in their community.

Tailor participatory experiences

We frequently invite participants to join us in the development of a project, and we gain as much from working with new people as they do from the creative and practical experience. Whether you are new to performance and responding to an open call, or are part of an existing community group who are developing new work with us, we will find ways to make the experience as fulfilling and unique as possible.

Provide young people with training, mentorship and employment

Our creative team have extensive experience working in education from primary to post-graduate, and we are firm believers in the importance of positive education and life long learning. Through our provision of educational projects, workshops, learning resources, mentoring and employment opportunities we aim to support emerging makers and artists of the future and provide a safe space for young people to gain experience, knowledge and skills.

Be advocates for global citizenship and positive social change

We know that it is not enough to simply make sure that our work reflects diversity and is inclusive. Through our own research, relationships with Development Education Centres and other community organisations, we know that we have a part to play in making the world a better place. We aim to provide platforms for discussion, be mindful about representations in our work, and be positive, proactive advocates for change.

The Team

Key collaborators

Associate artists, past and present

Our Supporters.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, who work with a mixture of project funding, earned income, private donations and sponsorship to help make our work happen. We are incredibly grateful to our audiences, associate artists, funders and partner organisations for their continued support.